Thursday, 29 October 2020

Day One - Friday

Time Sessions Stream 1 Stream 2 Stream 3 Stream 4 Stream 5
8:00am Registration
8:45am Opening Ceremony
9:00am Official Opening and Announcements
9:30am Keynote - Leveraging Moodle for Engaging Learning
Iain Doherty
10:30am Plenary Session
1pm Words to the Wise
John Mason
Level 7, Rm705 
Transforming Elementary Classroom with Moodle
Marlon Ng
Level 7, Rm702 
Teaching using the Participation Forum and Participation Map plugins
Brant Knutzen
Level 7, Rm704 
Moodle Repositories
John Holmes 
Level 7, Rm703 
Using Moodle as a backbone for Teacher Learning at CDNIS
Dr John Turner
Level 7, Rm707 
Coffee Break
2:30pm Moodle and Change at The Southport School
Richard Jones
Level 7, Rm705 
Flipping Marvelous: Getting back in-class time for collaborative learning
Michelle Lovett
Level 7, Rm702 
A Plagiarism Detection Tool for Moodle
Ivan Yau 
Level 7, Rm704 
Using the 'Workshop' module for self and peer assessment
Frederic Nevers 
Level 7, Rm703 
Moodle for Primary Schools
Stu Lowe
Level 7, Rm707 
3:30pm Panel Session
4:30pm Buses to Jumbo Restaturant
5:15pm Banquet
8:00pm Buses depart
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