Wednesday, 23 September 2020

EQUELLA and Moodle 2.3 integration: a new wave for the repository API

Key Information

Title: EQUELLA and Moodle 2.3 integration: a new wave for the repository API
Presenter: Simon Wilkinson
Theme: Design
Type: Presentation
Audience: Education - Secondary & Tertiary


Since the release of Moodle 2.0 developers have been recommending that larger sites should use external document repositories to store files (since they have many features for managing content, metadata and workflow), accessed via the Repository feature in Moodle which allows repositories to appear as sources within the Moodle file picker.   Unfortunately the two methods of including repository files in Moodle - copying and direct linking - have not been enough to satisfy all use cases, particularly where we want changes in repository files to be automatically and securely reflected in Moodle.

Moodle 2.3 provides a new way of referencing files in Moodle, similar to an "alias" or a "shortcut" on traditional operating systems.  It works both for internal and external files.  One file can appear in many places through Moodle courses, and all the copies can be updated simply by updating the original file.   Access to these copies respects local Moodle roles and capabilities at all times with full security.  The repository is also able to have more control over the interface in the file picker.

EQUELLA is the first repository to support these new features.  Key EQUELLA and Moodle developers worked closely together to develop both the new API and the plugin.  The result represents a best-of-breed solution to seamless integration of a powerful external repository in Moodle, creating a user-friendly and simple solution that enhances both platforms.

Attend this presentation to discover more of the collaborative nature of this integration, and how it will extend the capabilities of your content.