Wednesday, 23 September 2020

Using MOODLE to Support Student Centred Learning

Key Information

Title: Using MOODLE to Support Student Centred Learning
Presenter: Juliana Agostino
Theme: Transform
Type: Presentation
Audience: Education - Secondary


This presentation will focus on the features of MOODLE that enable teachers to create a course in which students are in control of their own learning. Through interactive lessons, journals, feedback forums, quizzes and most importantly completion tracking, MOODLE becomes  a tool to help students become independent and reflective learners. Using MOODLE, the role of the teacher can be redefined to that of an education coach that can monitor and advise students through every stage of the learning cycle. This workshop is for teachers who wish to use MOODLE beyond its file sharing and assignment uploading capabilities and as a way to create a truly student centred blended learning environment.