Wednesday, 23 September 2020

Using the 'Workshop' module for self and peer assessment

Key Information

Title: Using the 'Workshop' module for self and peer assessment
Presenter: Frederic Nevers
Theme: Assess
Type: Workshop
Audience: Education - Secondary


As an IB MYP Technology teacher, all of my students' work is project based. Self-evaluation is a major component of MYP assessment and I use the workshop module (Moodle 2.x) to allow students to self/peer-assess their project documentation, as well as their products. The workshop module lends itself very well for criteria based curriculum and I hope to be able to share my experience with other teachers.

Workshop plan proposal:

  • Participants will first use a ready-made Workshop activity as 'students' to get the feel for what is possible. They would have to self/peer-assess pre-loaded work (sample accounts, uploaded work and all needed information pre-filled in by me prior to the workshop) 
  • I would then show participants the teacher view once all self/peer-assessment has been completed. 'Fast finishers' would be directed to a self-marking quiz about assessment and Moodle (will be as light hearted as possible). 
  • The activity will then be deconstructed, starting with the assessment criteria and how to break it down so that students understand it (i.e. turning documentation aimed at teachers into students' speak) 
  • Teachers will then have a go at creating their own workshop following step by step sets of instructions that I would provide to students (online in the form of Moodle pages with screenshots and screencasts for participants). If time allows, participants would use each other's workshops 
  • Question time