Wednesday, 23 September 2020

A Plagiarism Detection Tool for Moodle

Key Information

Title: A Plagiarism Detection Tool for Moodle
Presenter: Ivan Yau
Theme: Advance
Type: Presentation
Audience: Education - Secondary & Tertiary


There are many plagiarism detection systems.  How can you choose the one that suits your needs?  In this presentation we list some important factors for you to consider selecting the right plagiarism detection tool for your school.

  • What kind of policy (e.g. related to academic honesty) should be implemented?
  • What is an effective work flow for teachers and students?
  • What types of document formats could be handled?
  • How detailed the originality report should be and what kind of originality report

 VeriGuide, a research project, is developed by The Chinese University of Hong Kong.  It is a text similarity detection system designed for preventing plagiarism, and for promoting and upholding academic quality, integrity, and honesty.  We will provide a live demonstration about how easy the system for detecting plagiarism under different scenarios.  We will list some concerns teachers are currently facing when using a plagiarism detection tool and explain them during the live demonstration.

  • How can a teacher easily identify a plagiarism case?
  • Is high similarity equivalent to plagiarism?