Thursday, 29 October 2020

Moodle Repositories

Key Information

Title: Moodle Repositories
Presenter: John Holmes
Theme: Connect
Type: Presentation
Audience: Education - Secondary


In this session we will be looking at two open source repositories that can easily connect to Moodle. Both are written in MySQL/PHP (the same language used by Moodle). We will look at a live demonstration of both systems and how they integrate with Moodle. From this session, you will leave with an understanding of the value of both systems and links to resources for next steps should you wish to implement at your school.

Since Moodle 2.0, repositories have been available to connect to Moodle. Popular repositories are YouTube, Google Docs, and DropBox. At Jakarta International School, we have implemented an Open Source Digital Asset Management (DAM) system named ResoureSpace (think locally hosted YouTube and Picasa/Flicker and Document Repository all in one). Thanks to Nathan Mares of Catalyst IT, this can now be used as a repository in Moodle. In less than one year, our ResourceSpace has grown to contain over 40,000 resources and it is now an indispensable tool to allow students and faculty to share resources with the community (and externally if desired).

ResourceSpace is a more 'public' sharing system, but what about a more private repository for your personal items, or items you wish to share with just a few select individuals (think DropBox)? OwnCloud, an open source, locally hosted system, is the answer. This also can be used as a repository for Moodle. It allows personal storage, sharing with any number of users, and synchronization from desktop/mobile device to the cloud.