Thursday, 29 October 2020

Words to the Wise

Key Information

Title: Words to the Wise - Success stories of Moodle Developer Courses
Presenter: John Mason
Theme: Design
Type: Discussion
Audience: Education - Secondary

This session will use a live course. It can be accessed by clicking here.


In house VLE developer training offers rich opportunities for staff engagement with and implementation of Moodle based subject courses.

These dynamic online CPD courses are delivered through the moodle environment in English Schools Foundation  Secondary Schools in Hong Kong.

 The session aims to share  case studies of  successful VLE developer courses such as  "Words of Wisdom " West Island School and "Lionel Developer" at KGV.  

Proposed Structure

  • Rationale -  Raison d’etre, Contents and structure of course
  • Why is this model preferred by staff?
  • Case Study at West Island School - Demonstration
  • Evaluation and Feedback from Audience - Q and A.Panel