Thursday, 29 October 2020



The Canadian International School of Hong Kong’s mission is “developing responsible global citizens and leaders through academic excellence”. 

Part of this effort entails instilling a sense of environmental responsibility. The CDNIS ECOSMART movement is our response to the concern over, and attention required by, the deterioration in the natural environment.  It is based on the belief that lifestyle and business operational changes are necessary for the health of people and the planet, with schools and homes being opportune places to begin. 


The organization of the Moodle Moot held at CDNIS incorporates this philosophy by asking all registrants to follow some simple rules to allow this conference to be as effective and community oriented as possible, reflecting the spirit inherent in the Moodle movement.

  1. Delegates are asked to bring their own reusable drink bottle/reusable cup and refill on site. Water, juices, coffee, tea etc will be available in dispensers/jugs.
  2. CDNIS is a plastic bottle –free campus; we do not sell drinks in plastic bottles. Inexpensive, reusable CDNIS water bottles will be available for sale throughout the event if you don’t have a personal one.
  3. Use recycling bins appropriately, separating plastic, cans and other garbage.
  4. Name-card holders should be returned at the end of the event in drop off boxes.