Thursday, 29 October 2020

Hong Kong

Asia's World City

Hong Kong can be one of the most engaging and unexpectedly beautiful urban spectacles on earth.

Situated at the mouth of the Pearl River Delta on the southwestern coast of China, Hong Kong is a destination imbued with a remarkable mix of Eastern and Western influences. Since the handover from British colonial to Chinese sovereignty in 1997, it has become far more Chinese than ever before, but for tourists the joy of visiting lies in being wedged between two diverse cultures simultaneously.

Hong Kong Island with its financial hub is the energetic heartbeat of the region, where cloud-tickling skyscrapers, neon extravagance, fine dining, high-end shopping and world-class hotels are all part of the landscape.

Get down to street level however and the laneways, wet markets and traditional Chinese haunts are a reminder that beyond the city lies a working class populace still making ends meet the old way - and often the hard way.

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